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five-cylinder D5 diesel engine capacity of 215 hp, well known to us by the XC60 and XC70 (2015 model year and it is available for S80 responsible for the rotation of the front axle and a pair of electric motors. In general, this modification refers to a group of vehicles phev, which stands for Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Volvo XC60 T8 twin engine AWD: Kraftstoffverbrauch in l/100 km: 2,2 CO2-Emission in g/km: 50 Stromverbrauch in kWh/100km: 15,7 (jeweils kombiniert) *Volvo XC60 T8 twin engine AWD: Kraftstoffverbrauch in l/100 km: 2,2 CO2-Emission in g/km: 50 Stromverbrauch in kWh/100km: 15,7 (jeweils kombiniert) *Volvo XC60. Claimed fuel consumption.8 liters per 100., And the amount of CO2 produced does not exceed 48g /. What is interesting, plugs are not significant hindrance for the driving mode. Of course, the car can be charged not only by special plants, but also from ordinary household network. At first glance, the figure does not look pretty 50km, on the other hand, my way from home to work is 19 km away, which guarantees (if the charger at home and at work, of course) driving without refueling in principle. By default, the car always runs in hybrid without starting the diesel engine. Today we talk about a truly innovative car designed by Volvo. Website der DAT unentgeltlich erhältlich ist. For Russia, this class (phev) vehicles are still in curiosity, for the majority of the most amazing part of this car "tank located on the left front fender, though, of course, is the cover charge socket. Today in Russia only six such vehicles, three of them left the dealership, and one is at the disposal of representation Volvo in Russia. By the way, my experience came in quite cool during times of temperature overboard reached minus 7 degrees. Only true fans of cars, looking at V60 plug-IN-hybrid, understand what is before them. She rides on top simply fascinating: 68 horsepower electric origin is not the same as petrol or diesel. Many compare this model with the American Tesla. This type of car is widespread in Europe and is marketed by manufacturers such as BMW, Mitsubishi and General Motors. Power maximum power mode, providing dynamic acceleration due to the simultaneous use of all the traction motors. It is important that the car has all-wheel drive feature: when you press a key on the control panel in the cabin electronics synchronizes the operation of the diesel engine and a pair of electric motors to create a simultaneous rotation of all four wheels. It is also important that no one in my life will not guess the price of your wagon, because apart from the battery connector cover on the left front fender looks this car from the usual modification differs only in the presence of specific nameplates. If earlier the feelings I liked most of all turbocharged petrol units, after this test I became an absolute fan of electric drive ). Yes, he does not shout about its exclusivity and is similar to a conventional car, but, you see, this has its own charm. Agree, this money is morally difficult to buy even such, but still "only" mid-size wagon. I am confident that with prolonged use and optimize driving style can achieve fantastic performance. This function is implemented by using the hybrid battery power powerplant.

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Beginning of the movement in the normal mode is done using clean energy. During the fiveday test drive Monday erfahrungen to Friday I drove a car over 600. Having spent a little more than half of the 40 liter tank. Normal V60 D5 in Russia is not included. Playing the distribution of effort to drive in drift is almost impossible.

Volvo v60 plugin hybrid.Der Plug -in Hybrid Volvo XC 60 T8 twin engine kombiniert Benzinmotor und elektrischen Motor.Der Volvo XC 60 T8 twin engine AWD.

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4, in this review, so do not judge strictly, after the test. In all honesty, this is not entirely true, as it turned out. The car reaches 100. In fairness it should be noted that the battery is fully discharged plugINhybrid becomes essentially a conventional V60 D5 frontwheel drive. Coupling allwheel drive and rear axle. I first tried the video, aggregate trendy in this case is 283 hp and maximum torque of 600 newton meters wien exceeds. Computer selforganizes a balanced use of the diesel engine and electric motor. Have, i really wanted to leave the car itself.

Flow in this case will be in the region of 5-5.5 liters, although this is a very decent rate.Secondly, V60 unlike Tesla is a much more versatile vehicle due to the possibility of operating a diesel engine, because in our country runs more charging stations and virtually none.

Depending on the strength of the current from zero to a full charge will take from two to seven hours.